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Buttonpress Publications was created  in Jan 2007.

Looking for  comic books that had all ages action Superhero adventure , Jason Browne couldn't find any, so set about creating them himself. As to give them more of an adventurous scope, Browne decided to change Ireland to Hibernia and Dublin to Dubh-lynn. Although a lot remains the same, some things have been altered as to accommodate the world that Buttonpress characters live in.
It is a world where the Dé Danaan have left their mark through blood ties. Some people are born with superhuman gifts that are side effects from the Sidhé (Fairyfolk/ Dé Danaan) living and coupling with mortals. These gifts give rise to heroes, and also villains, for not all who are gifted wish to fight for the greater good. But, the Formorians, Fir Bolg and Mileasians also have all left their influence in the country of Hibernia.

So, Hibernious , the mantle that has been held since ancient times. Those chosen to bear the name become the main 

defender of Hibernia. Their very essance tied to the land , keeping it safe with great power and abilities awarded. Our modern day

Hibernious leads a band of heroes , The Flying Column, in defending Hibernia and her islands from any who threaten this

sacred land that has always been sought , for its natural magical source. 

Things start to go wrong, Starling , a member of the Column , falls in battle.Years pass which involve a stronger presence of

Dark Sídhe gaining ground . Amerg, a  Mileasian descedant, uses his dark magics to return Hibernia to his "Leader". He gathers

magical gifts through robbery and trickery to aid him in building up his power. What was left of the man within this warlock, is soon smothered by the magic taking hold completly. His first mission is triumphant . He manages to entrap Hibernious and banish him using a pocket vortex he gains use of from  Rook, a Dark Sídhe who aids him in his dark selfish endeavors. 

With Hibernious gone, the land of Hibernia is vunerable to attack. But, this land will not go without a fight and so young heroes 

come to the battlefront, to help keep it safe . 



The Wren was the first title  created in 2007
It is the adventures of Jack McCormack, a 12 year old boy growing up in Dubh-lynn, a city in the country of Hibernia. He has inherited superpowers from his parents and now learns what it is to become a hero while trying to juggle everything else that comes with the "Hero" territory and being a boy essentially. Bloodgifts are rare and usually arise around the twenty first year of the chosen ones life, but Jack's kick in while he is still a boy ...
Jack is a huge fan of modern day heroes who fly above and protect the city of Dubh-lynn. He was born from a line which had been gifted with Sidhé blood through his ancient ancestors. Jack would never know his mother, Starling, one of Hibernia’s cherished heroes, who was struck down battling a dark scourge who wanted Hibernia to fall under a dark reign. He dreams of following in the footsteps of his Mother and Hibernia's Flying Column, a band of Heroes who protect its shores. As his powers start to emerge, his adoptive father, Dr David McCormick seeks help to train him.
Jack McCormack is joined on the rooftops by Weaver (now using her Mother's mantle, Erin). She is helping Dr McCormack hone Jack's powers and skills to make him a good if not great hero. Weaver herself has great dexterity and  shows promise with her Wiccan abilities. Jack also has two best friends, Meggan Browne, "a control freak" in Jack's words, and Sam Taylor, who is even more obsessed with Superheroes than Jack, if that's possible.
But! Jack being an adolescent reckons he's ready for action and so adventure ensues!!


Artos was created in 2012. It is set in the west of Hibernia. The McMahon clan who are related to the high king Brian Boru, swore to protect the Aillwee cave on discovery that bears resided there  a long long time ago. The bear God Artio returned this favour by helping protect the McMahon clan in times of need.  Times changed after the death of the high king and Hibernia's link with the Gods was ending. But, before Artio left, she gave the Mcmahon clan a gift of a talisman. This talisman would give a McMahon great power when it was truely needed. 

Now in modern day, Conor Mcmahon stands as the last of the McMahon bloodline. Hibernious has dissapeared from the skies above Hibernia. The Dark Sidhé seemed to be gaining some control again. The McMahon talisman that had now become a legend , is found by Conor.  The  time for it's gift is now. Conor is transformed into a huge bear with supernatural abilities.

As Artos he strives to protect Hibernia although as still a boy, he has a lot to learn.

Thimble was created in 2015 . This story takes us to the South of Hibernia where we find Cora Downey. A girl who at birth, was saved by her aunt using all the bloodgifted magical skills she had . This happily kept her alive but a side effect of her being tiny in stature . Cora now stands  three inches in height but with a precious Bogtha stone, she can enlarge herself to the normal height of a girl her age. Cora now spends time pestering her aunt into teaching her to hone her spell casting and  fighting back the Dark Sídhe that threaten the Valley as Thimble . She is aided by her best friend lancelot, a mouse whose background is not exactly clear .......!


Stoat was created in 2016. Louis Lambert jnr is a boy whose bloodgift is tied to outside of Hibernia. An event evolving a staot ,

caught in the woods and hills  of  southern France, awakens abilities within Louis. Abilities that give him heighten senses 

and an animalistic fury that is either a gift or a curse. He decides to try and use them for good as the Stoat. Evil Dark sídhe 

are out there in the shadows of Dubh-Lynn city , but he has no qualms taking them down . 



 Buttonpress brings together many talents in writers, artists and researchers to help Jason  make all ages adventures happen.  

"I always saw this process of creating comic books as a collaborative adventure and its never dull as I am aided by wonderful people , who help bring characters to life !"

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